Animal Arcade

4.7 out of 5 stars.
Animal lovers are sure to love this Asian Gaming House themed slot. It gives you the chance to bet on your favorite animals and in return win huge payouts, free spins and more. Watch as the highlighter spins around the animals and if it comes to rest on one that you’ve bet on then you may be in line for a big prize.

Pick an Animal for Big Multiples:
The game features tigers, elephants, lions, gorillas, pandas, rhinos, king cobras and hawks. Before each spin, you simply need to guess which one the highlighter will land on at the end of the spin. You can bet on multiple animals per spin and it is up to you how much you bet on each. When you start a spin, a highlighter will travel clockwise around the board for around three seconds before stopping on one of the symbols. If it is a symbol that you’ve bet on then you’ve won.

Free Spins and Double Wins:
In addition to animals, the board also contains a Free Spins symbol. If the highlight stops there then that spin is free and a re-spin will then start. There is also a Double Win position and if the highlight stops there then that spin is free and a double re-spin starts from that position. This means that there will be one highlight spinning clockwise and a second simultaneously highlight going counterclockwise giving you double the chances of winning.
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