As the Reels Turn 2

4 out of 5 stars.
You know the Casino boss and his associates well already if you have played “As The Reel Turns Part 1”. Did you have the smarts to solve a mystery or two the first time around? If so, you’re here to advance to the next round of gameplay, and the next scene of this soap opera-themed slot game that will unlock on line ups of the “Advance to next scene” icons. Our story so far goes as such; Matt Gray, the clever and cynical General Manager of the Paradiso Casino, reveals his thoughts and concerns for the future of the casino to Ivan, his pet piranha (and only friend), as he locks a mystery envelope in his office safe.

The story continues at the El Paradiso Casino by continuing to follow the story of “As the Reel Turns” and its cast of unsavory characters. Later on, Matt discusses his concerns with Rex, the Paradiso’s floor manager, and Terry the Paradiso’s owner. Rex suggests using “The Item” as leverage to solve “A Problem,” but Matt rejects this idea. Terry meanwhile, is more concerned with the color of his new convertible. The “Bonus” icon triggers bonus rounds. As the Reels Turn 2 again features a pretty funny animated intro video which is worth watching in its own right.

Adding to Matt’s problems is the news that Tommy Wong, the Paradiso’s top entertainer, is being pressured to end his contract at the Paradiso. An old rival, Don Vicenzo Pietro Boyardee, has appeared on the scene and is ready for war. Tommy recounts in great and vivid detail his night of terror as the Don and his henchmen, Val and Sal alternately cajole and intimidate him repeatedly and quite vigorously. Ultimately, Tommy remains faithful and loyal to Matt and the Paradiso establishment, but for how long?

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