Best of Luck

4.2 out of 5 stars.

Best of Luck is an online slot machine game that features all the lucky items you need to bring you closer to winning big. 

Featuring lucky symbols from around the world, such as horseshoes, lucky pennies, wishbones, and rabbit’s feet, this slot embodies the essence of good fortune. But, it does much more than that. Best of Luck introduces a new feature that has the potential for some incredibly huge wins. Rather than awarding plain old free spins, Best of Luck awards one of 6 different bonus rounds on each free spin. Win the same bonus round 3 times during a set of free spins, and you’ll be awarded an additional three free spins. Hit 4 or 5 triggering icons to increase the multiplier and number of free spins, for even bigger payouts and a higher chance of winning more spins. 

If you’re the type to carry a rabbit’s foot or a horseshoe on you for good luck, this is the game for you. Venture into this slot with high hopes and explore just how much this game has to offer, let’s hope luck is on your side. All the signs and symbols are here to help you, so use them.

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