Mrs Green's Plant Emporium

4.5 out of 5 stars.
**This slot can be played with a clean deposit only**

In a dimly lit back alley, off the main street lies the old flower shop. Very few people know about this shop, and even fewer have entered it.
Full of strange and wonderful plants, the shop is run by a little old lady who loves and cares for these unique flowers.
The little old lady is happy no-one wants her flowers, as these are her family and unknown to anyone else these ‘flowers’ come alive!

This game is set in a dark and strange flower shop. The shop sells weird and wonderful carnivorous plants. With virtually the whole game being made in 3D, players are treated to a realistic, atmospheric and exciting experience.

A dark humoured video slot with a ‘sweet’ little old lady character. Exciting 3D animated symbols make this a unique, fast paced game.
The Logo symbol triggers Free Spins and is also a Scatter. The triple high Mrs Green symbol is Wild, and all of the top 6 symbols have teasers.
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