Bingo Americano

4.5 out of 5 stars.
90 Ball Bingo, which is popular in the UK and Europe. 75 Ball Bingo is more favoured in the US. 80 Ball Bingo is a fun and unique departure for those looking for something a little different. 30 Ball Bingo is an exciting fast playing shift in the classic Bingo format.

Each Bingo variation has multiple wagering possibilities. You can select a different amount of balls to be called to alter your odds and payouts. You can also bet between a *0.01 and *1.00 per card up to *50.00 total.

There are numerous other great features included with the new Bingo games. You can play with anywhere between 1 card and 100 cards at a time. There is auto card ordering, which will put the card with highest wins / best chance of winning to the front age of your set of cards. You can also play with manual or automatic daubbing.

Special features:
- Single player bingo with 4 popular variants to cater to players worldwide.
- Paytable-based wins. Wins vary from small to jackpot
- Auto-daubbing or manual-daubbing on one page games
- Player-selectable variance is available by choosing a different number of called balls. Reaches wider audience of players.
- Automatic card ordering based on winning cards
- Play up to 100 cards at once
- Player to player chat feature coming soon.
- Clear, easy-to-use graphical interface
- Adjustable speed settings
Game platform
Requires Adobe Flash Player
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